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The strategy of human resource development

To keep Ruiyan Sustainable development, It fund mentally depends on the organization building and cultural development, therefore, the primary purpose of HR Management is to build a high-standard, strong unity team, also create self-controlling and self-stimulating mechanism to make outstanding people to come to the fore in all fields, which will provide the security system for company's rapidly development and high efficient operation.

To create the opportunity that enables the brightest people to come to the fore; To depends on the Personal progress improves company's progress. Our company promotes the management concept that Company encourages employees to develop, also insist on enterprise's development along with talented personal; It aims at training talent employees, building enterprise culture, providing competitive opportunity, quality learning environment, also developing resource.

As long as you have dream and ability, This is the stage where it is happening! Your talents, Personality and passion can be given full play, you will engage yourself into our unhindered and easy atmosphere; If working hard, you will be paid off with full confirmation, limitless possibilities, also high quality life!

Department: International sales Department
Position: International sales
Duty: To be responsible for exploring, selling communication 
Equipment test tools and software , also after-sales service.

1. Preferably above 21 years of age, Bachelor degree or above, CET 6 or above
2. With the stronger team consciousness, willing to work under hard pressure,
3. With good communication and negotiation skill, Strong sense of responsibility, high spirits in respecting work, also is willing to take on challenge,
 4. Preferably overseas education background, or a fine record at school.
5. Preferable talent recommendation, welcome excellent team to join us.
Note: This position is no limit for outstanding talents, be valid throughout the year; Company will provide the chance to go abroad for exhibition; also well-paid salary, you will get more than twice salary than other companies offer, also provide Shenzhen residence quota, warmly welcome wised and talented person to join us, please don��t apply for this position without fulfilling all these conditions, thanks a lot.

Department : R&D Department
Position: Senior engineers, 2 persons
Duty: Be responsible for researching and designing circuit Board, products of communication test tools and software System.
1. Graduated from Electronics major
2. 3 years experience of exploring circuit board
3. Preferably to those with the same R&D experience in Communication Equipment company




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