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"Quality is the first" is our principle. All of Ruiyan products match the relevant Bellcore standards and other industrial standards. What we take efforts to achieve is the first-class technologies, the first-class products and the first-class services.
Quality Management

Ruiyan is actively introducing advanced R&D and manufacturing technologies, as well as management experience to improve the quality of products. We registered for ISO 9001:2008 certification at December 2009.


Quality guideline
• Focusing on customers' requirements; 
• Pursuing perfect design and manufacture; 
• Reasonable deployment of resources; 
• Improving product quality continuously; 
• Increasing customer's satisfaction;

Quality target
• Product performance are qualified with the Telcordia, IEC, GB/T, YD/T and other China or international relevant industrial criteria ; 
• The passing percentage of the finished products is above 99%.

2013710172739835.jpgQuality Systems

Ruiyan has established the quality management systems according to the demand of GB/T19001-2000 standard. The management systems are applied to all of the management, research and manufacturing divisions in Ruiyan.




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