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RY-S1130DQ QAM256 Signal level meter

Advanced spectrum, Full automatica scan MER, BER , Tilt , V/A,C/N , Average Power Channel Power, Trunk line Voltage, Threshold, Alarms

RY-S1130 is a portable signal level meter is a powerful device designed for the CATV engineers and managers. The accuracy of the data is guaranteed by the RF signal processing system and MCU technology. So this device can measure data for every technical indicator of the CATV system with high-resolution color display.. This device is special for its function of analyzing all the technical indicators generated by the signal TV. SpecificationsDigital or analog measurement available in one instrumentSupports Annex A(16,32,64,128and256)and Annex B (64 and 256) QAM modesLeakage measurement in the spectrum mode or frequency mode if the exact frequency of the leakage is knownAll channel range from channel T7to135(5�C860MHz)Multi-function digital or analog signal analysis includes all pertinent channel and system-wide informationLarge, easy-to-read display provides quick glance capability in dimly lit environmentsHigh accuracy for all individual channel and system parameters including: spectrum, scan, tilt, carrier-to-noise, carrier level and  line voltage measurementsTilt measurement for simplified system balancingMER, BER, Test constellation graphic display for accurate digital signal analysisProgrammable power shut-off extends time between chargesHigh impact plastic case and leatherette-vinyl case protect unit during field use     



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